5 Steps for Developing a Successful Energy Management Strategy

Everyone in the FM, corporate real estate and construction communities is talking about energy.  It seems like the concept of energy management (and its best practices) have been a mystery for many in the built environment for years.  In a recent article re-purposed from The <a href=”http://www.ifma.org/publications/fmj-magazine”>FMJ</a>, IFMA’s international magazine, a 5-step strategy was proposed to facility managers for dealing with energy management.

<a href=”http://www.ifma.org/publications/blog-fmj/article/blog-fmj/2015/05/11/five-steps-for-developing-a-successful-energy-management-strategy”>Read the steps here and share with us your thoughts</a>.  Tell us your success stories by engaging with us on social media using #IFMABoston.