A New Year, A New Look



Happy New Year! As we ring in 2014, IFMA Boston is stronger than ever. Throughout 2013, our members worked together to support the community of built environment professionals through career development, advocacy and networking. For the past 30 years, IFMA has grown and evolved alongside the facility management industry and is widely recognized for its thought leadership. To highlight IFMA’s dynamic industry and organizational progress, a new logo has been conceived by the IFMA marketing team. After a year of preparation and extensive research, the symbolism and typography of the final logo design illustrates feedback provided by the IFMA community.

“Our logo is so much more than a collection of shapes and colors,” said IFMA Marketing Director, Stewart Dallas. “It’s the flagship of a brand that represents everything IFMA stands for. During the creative process, we wanted to incorporate our rich history with our shared vision for the future. In viewing this logo, one can simultaneously see within it a globe representing the international scope of IFMA’s membership and the built environment itself, for which that membership is responsible. The vibrant colors and sleek typeface are both modern and timeless. IFMA’s new logo redefines our visual legacy. It charts a bold path forward. And since our legacy is shared by everyone at IFMA, this logo truly does belong to us all.”

We’re not replacing our old logo all at once- our new logo will begin to appear in different places over time. The new logo will eventually take its place on everything from websites to letterhead and clothing. To prevent waste, IFMA is also taking steps to ensure the transition is sustainable. Whenever possible, physical products featuring the old logo will be used rather than discarded. 

What do you think of the new logo?

– See more at: http://www.ifma.org/news/what’s-new-at-ifma/what’s-new-at-ifma-details/2013/12/17/ifma’s-new-logo-highlights-dynamic-industry-and-organizational-progress#sthash.oT2mx4AU.dpuf