An Evening at Symphony Hall

IFMA kicked off their event series at Boston Symphony Hall. Hosted by Symphony Hall Operations, Robert Barnes director of facilities and in attendance was also Peter J. Rossi, Symphony Hall Facilities Manager and members of his team.

Boston Symphony Hall was completed in 1900 for the Boston Symphony Orchestra & designed by Architects McKim, Mead and White.

Bob discussed the history and challenges throughout the years from before it was built to date and fun facts in between.  The tour allowed attendees an opportunity to stand on the actual stage.  Chairs, music stands as well as the harps, kettle drums and other larger instruments were still in their places. Small modern microphones hung cohesively throughout the area but the view from the stage was like looking back in time, the only thing missing was concert goers dressed in reminiscent dress. While on stage the organ was played intensifying a unique experience for all. Some even took turns playing conductor, bringing the inner child out, with smiles of amazement and curiosity in us all. Over the years very few design changes have been made since its completion.  A new stage floor was not even installed until 2006 out of fear of changing the acoustics.  Replicating an over 100 year old floor is impossible but due to safety reasons it had to be replaced. A vertical grain fir subfloor from 1899 was in excellent shape so it was left in place and the nails used in the new floor were hand cut using the same size and construction as the originals. The hall’s leather seats are the original ones installed in 1900.

Boston Symphony Orchestra, Inc., presents more than 250 concerts annually. Its First Season was 1881-1882. In 1999 it was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Symphony Hall remains, acoustically, among the top 3 concert halls in the world and the only musician’s name that appears in the hall is Beethoven’s inscribed over the stage.

For something completely different, a demonstration by Ben Houge, one of Berklee’s finest college professors with a musical, technologically infused interlude with Apple iPads. The iPads had an app assuming the role of an orchestra. The intention is to use this in restaurants while dining for a unique experience. Ben is also an award winning video game maker/inventor. Several attendees could not believe they were meeting the inventor of their favorite childhood video game. He has traveled the world and lived in several countries working, inventing and teaching. You just never know who you are going to meet and the opportunities that arise when you attend an IFMA event. Well done by IFMA program team. This was an opportunity I never would have had if not for the IFMA members who volunteer and take part in the efforts for all members.

For more photos of the event, please visit the full album here and NEREJ digital reader.


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IFMA Boston Announces Winners of 2017 Awards of Excellence

BOSTON, Mass. – May 17, 2017 – The Boston chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a non-profit association dedicated to serving the facility management profession, today announced the winners of the 2017 Awards of Excellence.

You Make it Happen Award: Ashley White, Ropes & Gray
The “You Make it Happen” award is given in recognition of service to the IFMA Chapter that goes above and beyond expectations, and makes a substantial impact on the membership and success of the organization.

President’s Award: Michael Clancy, Creative Office Pavilion
The President’s Award recognizes an individual who is passionate about what they do—either as a leader from within or outside the IFMA Boston chapter. They go beyond what is asked of them and give it their all.

Exemplary Service Provider Award: Carolyn Hickey, STV | DPM
This award is presented to the representative of an associate member in recognition of voluntary contributions to IFMA Boston. These contributions may include sponsoring programs or educational offerings, presenting innovative sessions on FM-related topics, sponsoring educational research or scholarships, providing technical assistance to members, or serving as chapter or council officers or committee members. Nominees must be associate members who recognize that IFMA is a forum for the interchange of ideas with members.

Exemplary End User: John Love, JL Real Estate Advisors
The Exemplary End User Award is presented to a professional member of the Boston Chapter who has provided sustained, outstanding leadership to the chapter. This person is highly valued by his or her company, IFMA, and the facility management profession. This individual keeps current on changes in the facility management profession and educates other IFMA members and peers. Recipients demonstrate the best in leadership and ethics.

Emerging Leader Award: Kiara Torres, Wentworth Institute of Technology Student
This award is presented to a Boston Chapter IFMA member who has been an active member within the chapter and shows initiative in both their work and professional settings. They go above and beyond in their efforts with skilled execution and follow through and motivate others to participate.

Facilities Management Achievement Awards for Best Practices
These awards are presented to the individual or team whose facility management program, project, system, innovation, or idea has had a substantial, positive effect on the success of their organization. The recipient demonstrated how their project impacted business objectives and contributed to improved success. The award winners demonstrated innovation, and their achievements will be used to educate other facility management professionals. This award is intended to honor those who achieve “above and beyond” the normal scope of job responsibilities.

Sustainability: Lincoln Laboratory PV-Array Carport (nominated by MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Small Project (<25,000 s.f.): Arup Boston (nominated by Dyer Brown Architects)
Medium Project (25,000 – 75,000 s.f.): Douglas D. Schumann Library + Learning Commons at Wentworth Institute of Technology (nominated by Perkins+Will) and Temple Beth Shalom (Nominated by: Chapman Design & Construction + Fort Point Project Management)
Large Project (>75,000 s.f.): Takeda Research and Development Headquarters (nominated by Perkins+Will)

People’s Choice Award: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt HQ (Nominated by Structure Tone)
The entire A/E/C community was welcome to vote online for their choice for People’s Choice during one week in April. This year more than 3,000 people cast their vote.

About IFMA/Boston
Established in 1980, the International Facility Management Association is a non-profit, incorporated association dedicated to serving the facility management profession. The International organization provides education, research, publications, events, and alliances with other related associations and organizations. The Boston Chapter of IFMA was founded in 1984 by ten facility managers. Today the chapter numbers nearly 700 members, making it the second largest chapter in the world and long recognized as one of the most active and progressive Chapters. For additional information, visit
Jennessa Durrani