CFM Study Hall Briefing

This Spring 2014 “semester” of the CFM Exam Study Hall series is well underway, with two sessions left for the “students.” The series of nine Study Halls include in-depth topic reviews, discussions, and practice exams, focusing on all of the study resource chapters included in the new IFMA Facility Management Learning System, a six-book collection. The topics within the Learning System are: Communication, Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity, Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability, Finance and Business, Human Factors, Leadership and Strategy, Operations and Maintenance, Project Management, Quality, Real Estate and Property Management, Technology.

This program is an individual study support group, led by Christopher Gilman. Chris is a well-versed, experienced Facility Manager now working for Saint-Gobain. He is an advocate for IFMA and the CFM exam, and has a wealth of knowledge about FM, sharing good and bad experiences throughout the weekly sessions. He uses real life examples in the discussions and teaches by comparison so it relates to the knowledge that FM’s already have while being in the field. The sessions consist of topic and chapter overview, room rotation Q&A’s, jeopardy, and taking sample tests as a group.

If you are interested in taking the exam and would like to engage yourself with one of these helpful classes proctored by someone like Chris, look out a future email from IFMA publicizing the next CFM Study Hall session! It is targeted for seasoned professionals who may already have experience in the FM world, but those new to the field should also consider taking the class. The CFM Study Hall is free for members and you WILL learn a thing or two, or twenty.