2014 Security Trends

End users continue to migrate away from legacy security systems towards technologies that enable them to be more proactive in mitigating their risks. As our IFMA Boston community witnessed first hand, last year’s investigation into the bombing at the Boston Marathon showed the potential waiting to be unlocked in using big data analytics to comb through troves of video evidence. The ability to remotely access and control security systems from mobile devices also continues to rise in prominence. Security Info Watch determined the following top 10 trends in the security industry:

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1. Security goes all IP, beyond just video

2. Technology makes IP in small systems a reality

3. New life for old infrastructure with bridge technologies

4. Moore’s Law lives on as vision gets even better.

5. Spotlight on cybersecurity as IT involvement continues to grow

6. Hybrid Solutions


7. Increase in demand for more secure, open and adaptable solutions

8. Mobile access control will continue to roll out in stages

9. Continued migration of intelligence to the door

10. Visitor management systems to move beyond traditional applications