“Leadership is a choice” – Facility Fusion Chicago

by Tom Palange on April 11, 2012

in Facility Fusion

Great start to the Facility Fusion.  Just left a great presentation by Kaplan Mobray – “The 10 L’s of Leadership.”  Kaplan was very upbeat, informative and “funky”.  You have to see him in action to understand his “funk”.  Below are some questions/ideas/comments I took away from his presentation:

1) Get to know your people (Heatlth, Wealth, Family, Dreams) before you know their tasks

2)  What is the one thing that you are racing to achieve?

3) What are you most acccountable for?

4) “Leadership is a choice.”

5)  Who’s success plan are you a part of?  You need to be part of a vision in order to succeed.

Roland Oreste

J.C. Cannistraro LLC

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